1 Roll (25 Bags) COMMiT TO GREEN 3 Gal Compostable Bags – AVAILABLE FOR DROP OFF WITH DOORMAN ONLY BETWEEN WEST 72ND AND WEST 90TH. ***Unavailable at the moment***

NOW 16% OFF! Size: 16.9" width x 17.7" height Thickness: 0.8 MIL Color: Green Star Sealed Bottom • 100% Compostable and will biodegrade in 180 days • Made with all natural resin derived from plant and corn starch • Meets ASTM D6400 Standard Specification for Compostable Plastics • No additives to enhance decomposition, will be consumed by microorganisms in a composting environment


3Z Compost Stickers – 5 Pack ***Unavailable at the moment***

Comes with 5 Stickers


3Z Compost Stickers – 11 Pack ***Unavailable at the moment***

Comes with 11 Stickers


3Z Compost Stickers – 24 Pack ***Unavailable at the moment***

Comes with 24 Stickers


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