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Organic waste makes up almost 20% of New York’s waste stream. In landfill, this organic waste decays releasing harmful methane gas into the air which has 20x as great a greenhouse effect as C02. However, composting puts your waste to work: growing plants, making healthier soil, and actually reducing our greenhouse footprint. 3Z Compost seeks to eliminate a large part of New York’s organic waste stream and bring New York City closer to Zero Waste by providing convenient and daily composting.  At 3Z Compost, we convert your spare change into Environmental Change. 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

– Margaret Mead

Ginger Highman is a resident on the Upper West Side of Manhattan where she attended Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School.  During her sophomore year of high school, she attended The Island School, in the Bahamas. It is there that she developed a passion for protecting the environment and learned about living sustainably. Ginger is the president of her high school’s Environmental Club; she inspires her school community to take action to protect and preserve the environment. She advocates for evidence-based public policies as a member of the Natural Resources Defense Council Activist Network. Ginger believes that every little bit counts and it is her goal to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle and raise awareness to causes affecting our environment.

Ellery Bergman Chudnow is a resident of Sutton Place in Manhattan, where she lives with her parents, siblings and her goldendoodle. She is currently a senior attending Eleanor Roosevelt High School on the Upper East Side. Ellery has always been interested in wellness and finding ways to improve the lives of fellow New Yorkers. Serving on both the Manhattan Leadership Council, where she focused on mental health awareness, and the Student Voice Committee of the NYC District Wellness Advisory Council, inspired her to do more. Ellery’s goal is to make living an eco-friendly lifestyle easier for all New Yorkers through 3Z Compost. 

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